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"There's more than one way to Sell a Home ... there's 2Way"

  • 2Way Realty (DIRECT) is a Fixed Fee. There are never any surprises.
  • 2Way Realty (MLS) % commission is never greater than 3.75%. (See below Cost to Sell table)
  • 2Way Realty is a Full Time, Full Service real estate office.
  • 2Way Realty is transparent, affordable, predictable, and efficient.
  • 2Way Realty uses the most progressive sales software and marketing tools.
  • 2Way Realty does all the work from creation of a listing through the closing of your home deal. 
"Your Choice • Your Way"



  1. 2Way Realty will LIST, SHOW, NEGOTIATE & SELL your home using the Multiple Listing Service (MLS);
  2. 2Way Realty will LIST, SHOW, NEGOTIATE & SELL your home online (here) using 2Way Realty's (DIRECT) website.

◆ Double your Exposure; Double the Opportunity of selling your home.

◆ Receive the FULL SERVICE of a trained, experienced licensed real estate professional.

◆ Put more Money in the your Pocket & Save Time with 2Way Realty's sales and marketing system.


SELLing your HOME?
2Way Realty Always Beats the Competition  
with Greater FULL Service & a Lower Cost to Sell


All Homes are listed 2Ways:  

  1. on 2Way Realty’s (DIRECT) Online transaction platform and dozen other portals including Zillow and Trulia, to streamline the process, improve efficiency, increase digital marketing footprint and pass the savings to the home seller.
  2. on 2Way Realty's (MLS) Multiple Listing Service the Real Estate Broker's Network and Realtor.com. 

The largest expense you will incur selling your home is the commission you pay to your real estate broker. Working with a full-time, dedicated, experienced professional is always encouraged but DID YOU KNOW (DYK) real estate commissions are negotiable

Check out the below tables and see how 2Way Realty compares to the competition.

No company beats 2Way Realty's greater Full Service and lower Cost to Sell. 2Way Realty puts more Money in Your Pocket- Guaranteed!
There's more than one way to Sell a Home ... there's 2Way



• NO Fee for BUYER •
 Special OFFER Seller     • Double the Exposure for SELLER •     Special OFFER Buyer
• Great VALUE for BOTH •
  2Way Realty always Beats the Competition w/ Better Service & a Lower Cost to Sell 

 "Your Choice • Your Way"


  • FREE Professional Home Video 
  • FREE Home Pricing Report (What is your Home worth Today?)

2Way Realty's:  The 4 P's of SELLING your HOME

  PREP "ping" your home for sale is essential. It is the first step to a quick- full offer sale.

2Way Realty will help you to think like a buyer. The secret is to be like a Mom dressing a child for the first day of school. You are so proud and want to make a strong first impression. OUTside and IN your home needs to be in top shape. 2Way Realty will work with you to create the desired curb appeal and help stage the inside of your home.   
  PRICE "ing" a home correctly from the initiation of the listing is the secret to selling. 

2Way Realty has over 15 years experience working with sellers. We know that pricing a home is a balance.

If the home is priced too high it will linger on the market and eventually go stale. If it is priced too low it will sell too fast and the Seller may have regrets of leaving money on the table.

  PROMO "ting" and marketing your home is what makes 2Way Realty exceptional.  

The smartest kid in class will receive the highest grade, the fastest runner will win the race but the best communicator will be the class leader.

2Way Realty is the best in class and real estate’s evolutionary leader. We blend technology with the human touch to ensure your home listing receives the greatest attention from a buyer. Our consumer centered sales and marketing system gives you the competitive market advantage to put the most amount of money in your pocket- quicker. The patent pending Seller’s Passbook and Seller’s Timeline sharpens buyer’s interest and excitement for your property. Further, we integrate our online transaction platform and the MLS to capture the greatest number of eyeballs and be your lead generating machine. We use social media, our blog, QR codes and traditional contacts to saturate the real estate market.

We also agree a picture speaks a thousand words. That's why 2Way Realty provides every home seller with a complimentary home video. We hire a 3rd party professional videographer to stage and capture your home on film. We then upload and display your home video on YouTube, MyOpenHouseANYTIME, and our website.

2Way Realty guarantees your home will receive the greatest exposure and we will bring you a willing and able buyer.  

  POP or Proprietary Offer Protocol is exclusive to 2Way Realty.

It's 2Way Realty's patent pending software that enables a qualified home buyer to make a DIRECT private, secure OFFER for your home over the internet. Negotiations are electronic, stress free and fun. The offer is evaluated per your pre-determined Seller’s Parameters and the buyer receives instant notification of whether their offer is accepted, recognized or rejected.

Home sellers may also receive co-broke offers through the Multiple Listing Service (MLS).

2Way Realty always offers FULL SERVICE and a lower COST to SELL. We will put more "Money in your Pocket" - GUARANTEED.   


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