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◆ BUYER’s CHOICE : 2 Ways to Find & Buy a Home with 2Way Realty:

       1. (MLS) Multiple Listing Service- All Home Buyer's receive 2Way Realty's Full Service leadership when you search and make an offer with 2Way Realty on any home listed on MLS. In addition, 2Way Realty will PAY YOU a BUYER's REWARD- our house warming gift to you. (see below SPECIAL OFFER table(1)). 

              START your MLS Search with us now and 2Way Realty will put "MONEY in your POCKET".

       2. (DIRECT) - Register and make an offer online with the full support of licensed 2Way Realty real estate professional on any 2Way Realty listed home and 2Way Realty will PAY YOU a GUARANTEED $500 or a Buyer's Reward if offered.

 It’s FREE.... In fact, 2Way Realty will always PAY YOU to buy a home w/ us.

◆ Search, View, Negotiate and Buy a home always supported by a 2Way Realty professional.


"Money in your Pocket"

Our house warming gift PAID toYOU.

BUY your Home with 2Way Realty
we'll PAY YOU

Example of our MLS BUYER's REWARD Paid to YOU *

$300,000                 $1,500
$400,000                 $2,000
$500,000                 $2,500
$600,000                 $3,000
$700,000                 $3,500
$800,000                 $4,000
$900,000                 $4,500
$1,000,000              $5,000

or 2Way Realty will always PAY YOU a GUARANTEED $500 for buying (DIRECT1).


Special Offer is good from 3.1.2018 to 8.31.2018- when you make an accepted offer with 2Way Realty (as your exclusive buyer agent) for a home listed on MLS or make an accepted offer on a (DIRECT) 2Way Realty listed home offering a Buyer's Reward.    
* Paid to buyer at closing. 
* Typical Buyer's Reward equals .5% of sales price. Buyer Reward payment not guarenteed on a home listed by 2Way Realty (Direct)
(1) If no Buyer's Reward is offered 2Way Realty will pay $500 at closing.


When you buy (DIRECT) your personalized  Buyer Action Team represents all the real estate professionals that will make your home purchase seamless and efficient. The team members are the facilitating 2Way Realty sales agent, a home lender, a real estate attorney, and a home inspector.

Working together, 2Way Realty helps orchestrate all of your professional needs in the process of successfully purchasing a 2Way Realty home listing. 

From the below list choose an industry expert or introduce us to a professional you prefer and we will make them a member of your Buyer Action Team:


• Cheryl Adams

Enterprise Bank

Mortgage Officer

Direct: 978.995.4134


 • Tony Cardinali

Mortgage Master

Branch Manager, Senior Loan Officer

MA LIC# MLO21336 / NH LIC# NH21336



 • Len Richards

Mortgage Equity Partners

Vice President

MA LIC #MC3692 / MA MLO #142966




• Nancy A. Morency, Esq.
21 Central Square
Chelmsford, MA 01824
(TEL) 978-967-0000


• Cheryl A. Manahan, Esq.
50 Middlesex Road
Tyngsborough, MA 01879
TEL) 978-302-0323
(FAX) 978-455-9162

 • Patrick J. Wood, Esq.
11 Summer Street
Chelmsford, MA 01824 
(TEL) 978.256.1515

2Way Realty's- The 4 S’s of BUYING a HOME

  STUDY the market to ensure realistic expectation.                                                                                                                                                    

2Way Realty is a market expert. We comb the internet and industry journals and have all the right associations to ensure a home buyer understand what is happening in the aggregate economy and their local real estate market. We are committed to giving the buyer quality information and taking the time to explain what the information means.

2Way Realty spotlights all home listings to guarentee the buyer has the most current information. The patent pending (DIRECT) Seller’s Passbook is an electronic book designed to address all the questions a Buyer may have regarding a prospective property. The PassBook highlights all the strengths and weaknesses of the home and assists the Buyer in identifying the right home and the fair price to offer.

  SECURE financing before you search for a new home. 

2Way Realty will ensure a home buyer does not overlook this important step. There are two types of loan commitments- a Pre-Qualification and the Pre-Approval.

A serious buyer will jump over the Pre-Qualification and initiate the completion of an official mortgage application and the Pre-Approval process. With Pre-Approval, the buyer receives a conditional commitment in writing for an exact loan amount. The Pre-Approval also provides a good indication of the best interest rate a buyer may achieve. Another important point is the Pre-Approval letter gives the buyer a considerable advantage especially in a competitive real estate market.

Once a desired home is identified a buyer completes the application and is one step closer to a final loan commitment. The loan commitment hinges on a number of details- a clear tile, no major home defects and most important the home must appraise for the agreed sales price. 

A home purchase with 2Way Realty will save the buyer time, money and considerable emotional pain. 2Way Realty believes Information is Power and all buyers should be empowered.

   SEARCH when you want with 2Way Realty-ONLINE.

2Way Realty knows where to look for a home that will satisfy a home buyers needs and budget. We will create a tailored online search for you. You will receive instant notification of any new home listing in your desired market.

2Way Realty is your professional, experienced real estate guide. We will save you time and money.

  SEAL the deal 2Ways. 

2Way Realty always offers home buyers a  choice. A Buyer can make a  (MLS) offer using a 2Way Realty exclusive licensed agent or make an offer online with 2Way Realty- (DIRECT) for any 2Way listed home.

There are many advantages to making an online offer. Foremost there is no delay or waiting for a Seller’s response. Buyers receive an instant email message of Accepted, Recognized or Rejected. Second, negotiations are not based on emotions and there is no haggling. It is a simple pre-determined quantitative analysis. Third, the process protects the buyer and ensures no discrimination. All buyers are recognized by a number and not their color, nationality, or sexual orientation. Finally, buyers are always in control.

No matter how you decide to buy a home with 2Way Realty every home sale is supported by an experienced real estate professional.

"Your Choice • Your Way"

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